back to school shopping… this time with feeling.

It’s time to go school shopping. I know this because I’ve been officiallly inundated with ads and flyers and coupons. They promise that this year the kids will be better dressed, better prepared and better equipped to have their best year ever, if ONLY we buy their stuff. Back to School has become the New Year’s of the under 18-set. With a $20 Trapper Keeper (seriously??? $20 for a folder?! And yes, I have aged 10 years just for saying that.), my child believes he’ll be better organized and this is his key to straight A’s and a scholarship to Harvard.

And it’s not just them. I am suddenly combing organization and container store ads. This year, I WILL GET A GRIP on the mass amounts of paper and artwork that comes home. It will be organized and our memories will be preserved for decades. They will be accessible in case we all want to sit in front of the fire and reminisce about that time they fingerpainted in preschool and made a pumpkin that looks like nothing. And the recycled sculpture made of trash from our recycle bin and now I must display proudly? It will be preserved, as well. (ugh) Somehow.

This is all good and fine until October 1st when I’ve realized that I’ve lost control of all of these resolutions completely. So, this year, my resolution is different.

  1. The kids make their own lunches. I’ll provide the fixings, but let them feel the pain of wasted time when they don’t eat their lunches.
  2. Develop a dump or store strategy. Paper cannot hang around. It goes into the appropriate child’s folder or the trash. Done. No guilt.
  3. I have given each kid a budget for school shopping. If they want to blow it in one place, it’s their problem. Suddenly that perfectly good backpack is um, perfectly good.

Would love to hear any of your tips…

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