COOL WHIP that never made it to dessert…

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When I said yes to writing a post about COOL WHIP, I had big plans.



I wanted to make this...


I remembered how, as a kid, we’d have COOL WHIP on our ice cream at night after dinner on movie nights and how we’d eat it slowly so that it would last as long as possible. And I remembered how my dessert would be mostly COOL WHIP and not so much ice cream because when it was frozen, it tasted like the richest, most creamy possible ice cream.

So I had big plans for my COOL WHIP. I was going to make some awesome dessert recipes I’d found. There was a great one with blended strawberries and you drizzle chocolate on top and it was going to make me feel like mom of the year. I bought my COOL WHIP, put it in the freezer and felt ready for the next day when I was going to make it for dessert.

But then I had a deadline to work on that night and as is often my unfortunate habit, I procrastinated with both coffee and whatever munchies were around. And that is when I remembered the COOL WHIP in the freezer. I got a spoon and took a spoonful, since a spoonful would affect the amount I needed the next day for my recipe. Even though it was a rather large spoonful…

And then after eating it, I had another. And another. And, ok…  One more. If I didn’t already know that it was only 25 calories for 2 tablespoons, I would’ve felt worse.

The next day when I went to make my dessert, I realized I didn’t have enough for the recipe. I spent about two seconds feeling bad about being such a slacker in the dessert prep department and then realized that as much as I enjoyed my treat last night, everyone else would, too. So, instead, after dinner I served bowls of COOL WHIP with strawberries sliced on top and chocolate syrup drizzled over the top. There was nothing fancy about it, but it was delicious and easy. Everyone loved it and it was totally stress-less in all ways. And that’s the beauty of a good dessert. It can be fancy or not, but awesome either way.


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