fresh start for a new year…

Happy New Year!

Things are changing around here…  It may be my annual dose of super optimism, but I’m feeling like 2013 is going to be a good year. Everyone around here is certainly becoming used to change with new schools, new jobs and a ton of new experiences.

One of the things that has cramped my blogging style in the past has been getting used to the new parenting age we’ve hit in the last year or so. My big(ger) kids have gone from the “Mommy, blog this!” stage to “If you like any of my posts on FB, I’ll just die” stage. Which puts a cramp on this blog being the scrapbook type journal it has been in the past.

But with outgrown stages come new ones and the sentiment that keeps hitting me most these days is “Where is the PEPS group for middle school parents?!” So while I’ll be writing less these days about the cute things my kids have done, I will be thinking a lot about how to sail through the tween and teen years with as much parenting grace as possible.

But there still will be the cute photos of the family, especially the bunch of us who hung out together over New Year’s!

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