the biggest hill…

Last night we took the kids night skiing for the second time in two weeks. It’s a hassle. The chore of wrangling the gloves and helmets, making sure all the gear still fits from season to season, and even at this time of aggressive growth spurts, from week to week is part of the reason why we didn’t ski once last year.

But this year, something happened.

While we’re still wrangling gear in a way that feels like running in wet sand, the kids are equally very excited about skiing every time we bring it up. And when we get to the lifts, everyone–including B and me–is having a good time. We’ve found an activity that every one loves. And as simple as that sounds, it brings me total happiness to suddenly realize that I’m having as much fun as they all are. For a short time, there’s no eye rolling, fighting or whining. The kids ski together, partnering down the slopes before heading to the lodge for hot chocolate while we adults get left behind. It’s the beginning of a new independence for all of us and it’s something very big, exciting and a little bit unnerving for all of us, but in that way where you’re about to head down something that’s just a little bit too hard, but you know you can do it.

And then you do.



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