learnings from a girls weekend away…

Last weekend I had the opportunity to spend a night in the mountains with an amazing group of women hosted by our friend, Michelle, to celebrate her birthday. To be honest, it was really hard to get it together to get away. The night before, the kids complained that they didn’t get enough time with me (that’s before they ran up to their own rooms to do their own things–without me) and that never-ending pile of laundry was screaming shrieking calling my name. Plus, after a long week, it sounded good to just stay home and relax.

Which is exactly why I pulled it together to go. Because relaxing at home on the weekends is something that rarely occurs with three kids. And celebrating with friends is even rarer.

It was an awesome 31 hours (yes, I counted). Besides getting the chance to don some x-country skis and tool about with friends, I walked away with following discoveries:

  1. No matter how many times you’ve seen an eagle, they are always breathtaking to watch.
  2. The iPhone and my facial muscle freezing point is 4 degrees.
  3. The thrill of seeing a shooting star is even more exciting with a group. Ooohing and aaahing in unison is a bonus.
  4. I still really do not know what I’d do if I happened upon an elk in the middle of the night while wearing snow shoes. Or a cougar. Or a bobcat. But I feel very safe coming upon a huge drainage pipe covered in snow even if it looks like a sleeping black bear.
  5. Five women walking around in the middle of the night when it’s 4 degrees out, heavily bundled and wearing snow shoes look too much a lot like a herd of zombie walkers.
  6. Mulled wine after cross-country skiing is heavenly.
  7. Eleven women can consume a really amazing and significant quantity of tiramisu.
  8. Never to forget the value of a close-knit community of parents and strong women.
  9. If you can stay up past 1am, it’s pretty easy to make it to 2am. Or 3am.
  10. Giggling with girlfriends when you’re supposed to be asleep is not only still fun when you’re no longer 9 years old, it is life affirming.
  11.  For the life of me, I just cannot make out Taurus in the constellations, no matter how many times it is pointed out to me.
  12. Seeing all those stars outside at night made me realize how important it is to remember how we are all connected in this world and grateful for friends who bring us together.

Thanks so much, Michelle!

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  1. Sounds so fab! I wish I was there!

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